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Cypripedium flavum 'A Bloom'n Addiction' CHM/AOS
Cypripedium henryi 'A Bloom'n Addiction' CHM/AOS


​​Seasonal Notes
​   I can't believe it's October. It was a very hot summer this year. At this time of year daytime temperatures are cooler with more frequent rain and even cooler nights. The majority of my Cypripediums are going dormant. Many have yellowing leaves although some are still fresh and green in appearance. Soon the foliage of all the Cyps will turn from green to yellow and finally brown.  When this years growths have died back I cut them off just above the ground. Also, check that the soil is properly covering the dormant 'eyes' which will become next years growths. Top dress with additional soil if needed. This is also the time to lift the plants for moving or dividing. Check out the videos or feel free to email us with any questions you may have. If your growing in pots, tidy up the old growths. I place the pots in an old refrigerator. A cold frame, unheated garage etc will also work well. Pots can even be sunken into the ground. Make sure the pots don't become to dry, and if outdoors to wet from melting snow and winter rain as  water can concentrate or pool in the pots. Time to check my seed pods, that's another topic.... coming soon with photos. 

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