Instructions on how to grow your Cypridpediums




    Cypripediums can be grown outdoors or in pots. I prefer growing them outdoors, naturally with ferns and other noninvasive plants. Lets briefly discuss outdoor cultue first. For outdoor culture choose a plant which will thrive in your local conditions. Consider the location were the plant will be grown, exposure,  summer temperatures, and available sunlight. Although hybrids will generally do better than species and are more hardy, many species will grow equally well. Some species may even be native to your region. Note that certain species may have prefered pH conditions, tolerance to summer heat, soil conditions, etc. Generally, find a location that provides morning or late afternoon sun avoiding midday sun. Shade provided by by trees, a fence, large ferns, or a northern exposure is ideal. Having said this, avoid areas were the plants have to compete for moisture with other plants or trees unless you water to suplement rainfall.   

    When planting  create a mound so the dormant eye will be just below the surface(2cm), the roots should be spread out to a depth of about 10cm. The soil should be loose so when watering, the water drains freely into the soil and does not pool at the surface. Excellent drainage is key and can be achieved by amending the soil with sand, perlite, seramis etc.  Due to the shallow root habit never cultivate in and around the plants. And use a slow release perennial fertilizer in spring. This is when the developing plants are actively growing and need to be fertilized.

    Some species may require special growing conditions and some may be  grown in pots. This is most often the case with Cypripedium species which will not tolerate hot summer conditions. I use 20cm (8") plastic pots. I find plastic holds moisture better, and won't split or crack like clay. Keeping the root system cool is very important, you can achieve this by sinking  the pot into the ground. A pot sitting above ground in summer will not keep the root zone as cool as a pot sunken in the ground. You can even grow the plant indoors as you would a tropical orchid. If grown indoors, ideal for cooler loving cypripedium species which won't tolerate 30+ C summer heat, put them outdoors to naturally go dormant in the fall. As the plant becomes dormant, cut away the old growth by cutting the dead stem just above the soil surface. The pot can then be sunk into the ground, placed in a refrigerator, cool house, or an unheated garage over winter. 

    Check the links and videos provided, they are a great source of information. Also, specific detailed information will be provided for all plants purchased.  Please feel free to ask questions. We will continue to add content, information, and videos to the site.
​Happy growing.