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   While I have been growing and flasking orchids for over 30 years, my exposure to Cypripediums was as a child. My father, who was an avid trout fisherman, introduced me to Cyp. arietinum, Cyp. parviflorum, Cyp. pubescens, and Cyp. reginae, which grew in and around the streams and local forests where I grew up. Initially growing Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums, for which I recieved several American Orchid Society Awards, I began growing Cypripediums as reputable orchid dealers began offering  them for sale.  Flasking them followed and years later here we are. Cypripediums are a beautiful and rewarding group of orchids to grow. They can be for someone looking for an easier to grow hybrid, or someone looking for a unique  challenging species with more special growing conditions. You can grow them in your garden or in pots. All plants offered here are seed grown from flask, never collected. We will provide specific cultural information for all plants and are happy to answer your questions.  Our goal is your success. 


   We carry a growing number of different Cypripedium species and hybrids. Check the shop area for current availability and new listings. Also feel free to contact us with your questions and  requests for plants that are not listed.  We  have stud plants, continue to flask, and have our private collection which we divide and offer for sale from time to time.  At present we are not yet offering our flasks or seedlings for sale. Currently our Cypripediums are for sale in Canada only. I'm happy to be able to offer a selection of Frosch ® hybrids. Watch for increasing numbers and varieties of these wonderful Cypripediums. Generally, there can be some degree of variability in flower colour, especially with hybrids. Interestingly,  colours are deeper and richer under cooler growing conditions. Line breeding, selecting parent plants which posess only the most desirable characteritics for flasking, produces superior plants over time.  Feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]

Frosch ® hybrid additions for fall 2019:

          ​Cypripedium Anna (Cyp parviflorum var parviflorum x Cyp macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum)
  • Cypripedium Barry Phillips  (Cyp fasciolatum x Cyp segawai)
  • Cypripedium Eurasia  (Cyp macranthos x Cyp tibeticum)
  • Cypripedium Michael (Cyp henryi x Cyp macranthos)
  • Frosch's Mountain King  (Sebastian Clone)
  • Frosch's Queen of the Mist  (Ventricosum Pastel Clone)
  • Cypripedium Sabine Pastel  (Cyp fasciolatum x Cyp macranthos)
  • Cypripedium Victoria  (Cyp parviflorum var pubescens x Cyp fasciolatum) 
  • Cypripedium Ventricosum  (Cyp calceolus x Cyp macranthos)

Species, these will be available with additions listed soon.

          Cypripedium formosanum
          Cypripedium gutattum
          Cypripedium kentuckiense
          Cypripedium reginae
          Cypripedium reginae alba
          Cypripedium parviflorum var parviflorum


          Cypripedium  Chauncy (Frosch ®) (Cyp parviflorum x Cyp segawai)
          Cypripedium Christian (Frosch ®) (Cyp shanxiense x Cyp hotei-atsumorianum)
          Cypripedium Gisela (Cyp parviflorum x Cyp macranthos)
          Cypripedium Hans Erni (Frosch ®) (Cyp franchetii x Cyp calceolus)
          Cypripedium John Haggar (Frosch ®) (Cyp hotei x Cyp macranthos)
          Cypripedium Philipp (Cyp macranthos x Cyp kentuckiense)
          Cypripedium Rascal (Frosch ®) (Cyp kentuckiense x Cyp parviflorum)




   Cypripediums will be shipped bare root in the fall usually beginning in mid October until November. The plants have gone dormant at this time which is optimal for shiping and planting. Plants will be available in the spring.  This will be limited and weather dependant, shipping in April. Once the plants break dormancy and begin to grow they will no longer be shipped. For local customers a  number of  potted plants will be available spring through fall. Visits and pick up by appointment only. Note that some types are in limited supply so it is best to place orders in advance.  We will contact customers to confirm their orders and shipping details, billing prior to shipment.  

Shipping for spring 2019 is over. We will continue to offer plants to local customers. The 2019 fall list for reserving plants  has started. They will be available in October when dormant. Thanks to all of our customers, as always feel free to ask questions.  You can  contact us directly at [email protected]